«To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.»
Thomas John Watson

Founding and development

«Those who take action when others are merely talking have a head start in life.»
John F. Kennedy
We establish, administer and take care of companies headquartered in Switzerland. We attend to and advise these companies on all corporate law issues and internal and external matters relating to commercial law, such as labour law, work permits, financing and investments, restructuring and reorganization, and problems related to contract law.

Strategy consultation and seminars

«A man who doesn't know where he wants to go will be surprised when he ends up somewhere else.»
Mark Twain
In addition to the individual commercial and corporate law services listed in the Legal Advice section, we also offer complete advice in the form of multiple-day strategy seminars for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We work together with owners/management board members to take stock of the company’s situation in the form of comprehensive corporate analyses so as to determine the current company positioning and strategy. Based on the current situation and the prospect of various scenarios, strategic alternatives are developed and evaluated for the company. We will also be glad to assist you with developing and implementing corresponding actions. You will undergo an entire strategy process under the supervision of an experienced expert. A strategy gives a company the necessary impetus, ensures optimal use of resources, drives the company, inspires and sets the company in motion.


«If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.»

We also provide comprehensive and far-sighted assistance on issues related to establishing a company. In addition to setting up a new Swiss company or transferring business activities to Switzerland, this especially also includes tax planning and working together with authorities, business development, real estate brokerage, property management and (international) schools. We are aware how important the location, logistics and access to resources are to the establishment of a company, and how important the workplace, quality of life, tax burden, quality of educational institutions and cultural activities are for individuals and families.


«When the wind of change blows some build walls while others build windmills.»
Chinese proverb

We see owners and management of SMEs in various sectors through all phases of a restructuring or purchase or sales process. In doing so, we employ our in-depth knowledge and relevant experience in the areas of contract, tax and employment law. With larger processes, we typically work together with specialists and handle the coordination activities.

Due dilligence

«If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.»
Jack Welch
In connection with a company transfer – including a succession regulation – we will assist you with a due diligence review for a precise evaluation of the company. This is in your own interest when you are transferring, selling or acquiring a company. We work together with partners for the financial and tax component of the process.

Inheritance planning

«The testament of the deceased is a mirror of his life.»
Polish proverb
In order to guarantee a company’s continuity, we will also advise and assist you in developing a suitable successor strategy. We will develop the required measures together with you and assist you with their implementation.
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