LLB, Attorney
Registered, Attorney Registry of the
Canton of Lucerne

Fields of activity

- Family law (cohabitation, prenuptial agreement,
  divorce, separation, protection of children
  and adults, etc.)
- Inheritance law (testaments, inheritance
  contracts, succession regulations,
  execution of wills, etc.)
- Contract law (purchases, exchanges, rentals,
  leases, loans, orders, work contracts, etc.)
- Property law
- Labour law
- Liability law
- Construction law
- Administrative law

What the team says about Cornelia
Cornelia thinks strategically and tactically and can set clear priorities with her quick comprehension, which she implements with profound knowledge of human nature, charm and creativity. Cornelia is a team player who, thanks to her sensory perception and great empathy, is able to strike the right tone with great sensitivity when dealing with sensitive mandates.
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