LLB, Attorney
Registered, Attorney Registry of the
Canton of Lucerne

Fields of activity

- Contract law (purchases, exchanges, rentals,
  leases, loans, orders, work contracts, etc.)
- Business and corporate law
- Administrative and tax law
- Family law (cohabitation, prenuptial agreement,
  divorce, separation, protection of children
  and adults, etc.)
- Inheritance law (testaments, inheritance
  contracts, succession regulations, execution
  of wills, etc.)
- Labour law
- Liability law and insurance law
- Social security law (AHV, IV, etc.)
- Road traffic offences
- Construction law

What the team says about Eugen
Eugen is a brilliant scientist and simultaneously a cultural expert and lover of culture. He has numerous interests, is cosmopolitan and loves music, literature and beauty. His great knowledge, attentiveness and refined humour make him an interesting conversational partner and an important and congenial member of our team. His sense of awareness allows him to read between the lines and quickly focus on the core of a problem.
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